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Survivors in the Classroom




We can arrange to have a Holocaust survivor visit your class. Call us at 609-487-9000 or email to learn more.

"Its easy to learn about history when it's standing right in front of you."
--NJ high school student

Projects involving survivors in the classroom have proven to be one of the most effective teaching experiences, and the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education has led the way in promoting numerous successful projects. ComteQ Publishing has developed strategic educational partnerships in order to produce and package original, creative and contemporary Holocaust and tolerance education teaching materials that provide a positive classroom experience for both students and teachers. Our partners include the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education; Holocaust Resource Center of Richard Stockton College.

This alliance, combined with promotion and facilitated access to existing memoirs, teacher's guides, video taped interviews and other Holocaust and tolerance materials such as those produced at the HRC, would not only help schools fulfill the State of New Jersey Mandate for Holocaust and Tolerance Education, but enable school children to continue to learn from the past by providing teachers with effective supplemental classroom materials. Through the lessons of the Holocaust, together we can work to reduce prejudice and affect attitudes to lessen hatred, bigotry and violence against all groups.

With the annually diminishing remainder of Holocaust survivors, unfortunately time is running out to involve them in the classroom experience. Which is why ComteQ Publishing is developing classroom materials to be put into action over the next five to eight years to create alternatives that will enable students to continue to relate to the survivor experience and learn the lessons necessary to promote tolerance in today's world.




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