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News Hound
From Halfball in South Philly to TV News

by Dick Sheeran ©2012, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-935232-52-0, 145 pp

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...


Home of the cheese steak, the movie Rocky, Independence

Hall, TastyCakes and the Mummers.


It is a city of distinctive neighborhoods. The biggest, most

interesting and colorful is South Philadelphia—where Dick

Sheeran grew up.


Little did Dick know that one day he would be so lucky to see his by-line in the Philadelphia newspapers for eight years, hear his voice on Philly radio for five years, and see his face on television in the City of Brotherly Love every day for 30 years—all in his hometown.


What a lucky, what an exciting ride it’s been

Preface 9


Chapter 1 11

How the “Terminator” became my driver;

Cheese Subs at the White House: TV Land


Chapter 2 36

Covering Frank Rizzo, Richard Nixon, Dolly Parton

and other large personalities: On the Radio


Chapter 3 45

A Kid at the Daily News: Ink Stained Wretch


Chapter 4 55

Hicks Street: Growing up in South Philly: What’s for Dinner?


Chapter 5 61

Why Cut a Ball in Half?: Street Life


Chapter 6 70

Patsy the Milk Horse, She knew the route: Traveling Salesmen


Chapter 7 74

Dish night at the Movies: That’s Entertainment


Chapter 8 82

Hollywood comes to Vare Junior High: School Days


Chapter 9 88

When only sailors got tattoos: Hicks Street values


Chapter 10 92

Where everybody is your uncle: The Train to Paradise


Chapter 11 96

“Friends for Life”: Chadmoore


Chapter 12 100

Backyard banana trees: In the Navy


Chapter 13 112

Goodbye Miss America, Hello Slots: Atlantic City


Epilogue 120


Photos 125

Dick Sheeran spent 43 years as a news reporter, editor and TV anchor in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pa. He began his career as a reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News, left the paper as night city editor moving on to KYW Newsradio and eventually to 30 years on KYW-TV3, the CBS station. He writes about the characters and stories covered over a long career and about growing up in South Philadelphia just after Word War Two. Since retirement Sheeran has taught Journalism as an adjunct instructor at Temple University. He lives in Atlantic City with his wife of 50 years, Katherine.

News Hound

  • News Hound

Price: $17.95




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