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The Cross of Revelation
An Endorsement from God

by Michael Kafkalas ©2009, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-935232-08-7, pp

This is a true story. The narrative, which touches upon a small segment of my family life, is intended to acquaint you with our background. I find it important to emphasize our mundane lifestyle. The normality expressed bolsters my integrity as you will find essential in the forthcoming pages.


Subsequent chapters that lead to the core of this story, characterize the moderate course by which we were raised and carried over through our adult life. Most families, especially first generation born from immigrant parents, I’m sure, will match ours. This portrayal of our attributes clarifies that it is not in our lineage to misrepresent ourselves involving significant matters.


The story brings to light an experience that, until this day, I am beyond belief it occurred. Remarkably, it was confined to within my household. Its magnitude revealed a power that transcends time-honored spiritual doctrine. Transfixed with this phenomenon and the apparent mission entrusted me to unveil its message, I felt subordinate to the task and, as such, remained passive to this duty for over 18 years. Included in this period were contemplation, guilt and four-plus interrupted years of preparation during the course of this writing.


Insight into the degree of condemnation and mockery that will face this miracle is a no-brainer. However, had I not received physical evidence of which I can attest to its possession, it would be beyond reality to expect even one inane believer to come forward. With this marvel at hand, I will find it interesting to see how the skeptics will maneuver their cunning approach to discredit the truth. Herein lies the difference between divine observations that must be confirmed and those tangibly factual. One cannot invalidate testimony when physical evidence is at hand.


I have no knowledge of any book that has been written depicting a miracle of this significance, nor, have I ever heard of anyone experiencing a similar incident.


Beyond the account that fulfills the basis of this book, I have written my opinion of the frailty that exists in our religious institutions. I have based my hypothesis of our spiritual life through logic that leads to practical understanding of our every day expectancies. This logic was acquired from portions of the Bible I compiled and supported. My steadfast mental conviction was the probable mainspring that gave origin to this awestruck event. Though my inferences may imply controversial revelations, these views conform with rational judgment.


Through the course of this book, you will observe, I did not resort to quoting from publications researched by scholars to advance my story as factual. By far, God’s statement is the ultimate reference. For effect, however, passages from the Bible are entered in accordance with respective subjects. Other than a few common expressions used to make a point, the theme is original.


The substance of this rhetoric will invariably be termed opinionated and provoke the establishment. My message is put forth boldly, given from the endorsement God delivered to us – yes, assuredly, the word of God. “And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind see out of obscurity, and out of darkness.” Isaiah 30:18


Without question, God’s hand was upon the pen that guided the composition of this story, one, which I may never have had the fortitude to achieve. If you believe what you read, accept it and abide by it. Each of us will have stepped-up in the climb to God’s original decree, “the purity of the soul.”




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Our Endception 99

Though religion governed the conscience of our upbringing, perception of its history was vague. Emphasis to church attendance was confined to holidays and honoring the sacraments. The spiritual importance of these events lasted a lifetime; yet, my knowledge of the Bible remained limited. At a young age I took an interest to read the Bible on a daily basis. I was inspired as the word of God recounted a history of which I was uninformed, thus prompting my reading commitment.


With rime I have acquired sufficient Bible knowledge to express viewpoints with equals, but far removed from scholarly status. A questionable point of view brought out during conversation exchanges clarifies how interpretations of the Bible vary. With that reality, then, it’s understandable how so many denominational divisions have been established. In point, regardless of the lack of conformity, Christ inhabits each church equally.


The Bible in its true sense is a history book, differing from conventional history only by its subject matter. One relates to the origin of man in comparison to the journey of man. The Bible explains mans’ God-given capabilities, whereas, history books record those accomplishments. One gives an account of spiritual life, the other physical life. Combined, their lessons read who we are, where we’ve been and how we can build on both.


If we are to accept both books as fact, why does skepticism challenge the Bible? The Bible and standard history books were both written by mortals. We accept the historic exposition of mans ingenuity and progressive deeds but remain hesitant to acknowledge the Bible has, indeed, been the force that intervened to keep man intact from ravaging oppressors.


The power of God has implanted the Bible’s lessons into sufficient numbers of His flock to overshadow the agnostics and marauders. The believers are the moral conscience of man that can interpret right from wrong and provide the grip of sanity. It is also their struggle to inspire and gain over followers. In so doing, they have motivated a multitude of devotees who have since, in themselves, motivated others.


In perspective, when the commitment of propriety is confirmed, the spotlight of virtue looks upon individual behavior. The effort of each contributor culminates the success of the masses. Therefore, direct responsibility of each requires steadfast discipline to avoid the shadows of regression.


Weaknesses may dominate our ability to remain focused on our moral commitment. It is at this point that skepticism enters as an excuse to satisfy our wily inclinations. We are all prone to temptations, but true believers uphold their vows by resisting knavish encounters. The strength of mind over body is the foundation of our religious preservation. Perhaps, the ungodly embrace their repudiation of God simply to avoid what they term the grueling restrain from everyday lure. It provides a ticket to the whimsical “live and let live.” Unfortunately, the ease of releasing the commitment assigned to the mind and granting the body unguarded deportment is a risk that invites straying from the norm and game for the skeptics. A no-holds-barred carefree life that proceeds without a conscience will enter an entity that is spiritually and physically stigmatized. The reality of this evaluation will be explained in pages to come.




* * * * * * *




A question of importance, is why the Church hasn’t derived from the Bible a more acceptable explanation of the unknown. The unknown is, of course, the path of life after death. Everything the Church represents is focused on preparing us for inevitable death. We are taught, that abiding with God’s written laws and sustaining rooted faith of His presence, death will be rewarded with a life in paradise. However, actual evidence is not pinpointed by the Church even though this mystery can be deciphered by piecing together modest, yet significant events that disclose God’s design. The faithful remain passive to the religion they embrace. There are, of course, the dubious whose off-hand preoccupations with themselves haven’t, yet, connected to the depth of the Churche’s teaching. If, however, the Church confirmed a straightforward-without-a-doubt explanation of what transpires upon death and the consequences of denial, a more perceptive attitude towards piety and reform would unquestionably temper indifference.


Relying merely upon the collusion of right and wrong and the choice between heaven and hell disputes the Church’s assertion that God forgives all. (As you will read later, forgiveness is real, but conditional.)


Conventional denomination church services and sermons are tangible to the fully converted, whereas, the remaining throng depart from the services inspired, sanctified and presumably reformed, but only for a duration that crumbles at the first temptation. The failure of the Church to provide assured evidence of the unknown explains why unwavering faith deflates. By this measure, the wishy-washy make-up a large majority that have not grasped the importance God represents in their lives. Our connection with God is relevant to one great word, pscyhozoe. This word explains our presence in God’s realm.


What have I written about religion that hasn’t already been said? Centuries of spiritual oratory have echoed the same ambiguous message. So what’s new? Pscyhozoe confirms the unexplained and is intended to make true reform possible.


Though not accustomed to regular church attendance during my single life, church attendance for what was now my family, became a part of our weekly schedule. The uplifting pathos of a church service arouses a need to reach beyond Sunday assembly and serve to shoulder the basic administering essentials of the church. The Bible elevates religious devotion while, in like fashion encourages duty to the Church. This notion motivated my interest to seek layman membership with the Church Council. In time, I was accepted as a Council member and earned the confidence of the board members who chose me head of the Council.


Over the years of serving at this capacity I experienced a new spiritual awareness of God’s presence. Despite opposing odds, my determination to strengthen layman service to our Church progressed in dribbles while contesting the mind-set policy of the elders. As a result, the new format of layman responsibility to our Church increased its financial resources, enhanced its growth and renewed parishioner spirit.


Perhaps, my total commitment to the responsibility I accepted was rewarded by what I consider two inspirational experiences. Managing the goals set forth by a, now, stepped-up Council required hours of my personal time. Working by myself during late evening hours proved most productive. The church office provided the most practical location with access to files and correspondence. The office was located in a small wing as part of the church complex. Preferred office entry was by its own outside door. However, access to the office was reachable from the church’s main entrance, but not encouraged in the interest of the church’s divinity, since it required walking the length of the sanctuary and through the privacy of the alter to reach the office door. (I elaborate this point-in-need to the incident I encountered.)


The church’s location, though not remote, required a vehicle to reach the premises. Only during nights of Council meetings would other vehicles occupy the parking area. In the instances that I worked alone, my vehicle was the only one parked.


At times my workload would necessitate working later than usual. On one of these nights as I sat engrossed in my work, I heard the front door of the church close. These are heavy double doors that would certainly carry a sound in the still of the night. Surprised, I sat up, curious that someone would arrive at that time of night. Keys to the main entrance were assigned only to our priest and Council officers. Within seconds I heard distinct footsteps, which, by their sound pitch, appeared to be approaching the church alter. An empty church at night amplifies the slightest noise. My first impression was that our priest had arrived for an important reason. At the time, I didn’t realize there was no outside sound of a vehicle arriving. Expecting to see our priest, I entered from the altar door into the sanctuary.


To my surprise, no one was there. Volatile oil lights provided sufficient light to see throughout the church proper. I called out for a response. There was absolute silence. The church is of a size that would carry a voice throughout. Somewhat, distraught, I called out a second time. Again, silence! After lingering for a while, I walked to the church entrance to look outside. As with all safety requirements, the door lock disengaged when exiting. There was no indication of movement. I pondered, if someone did, indeed, come into the church. Under usual circumstances, they in all probability would seek entrance through the office door after seeing my parked vehicle. Puzzled, I returned to my desk convinced it was all my imagination. Quite disturbed and unable to concentrate, I decided to call it a night.


As I gathered my papers to leave, the same footsteps reoccurred, this time, less deliberate. I sat up to listen and to reassure myself that what I was hearing was for real. I knew, now, they were real. Admittedly, I didn’t have the courage to re-enter the sanctuary. However, when I heard the sound of the church door close, I bolted out of my office, running outside to the front of the church to intercept any activity. My encounter was naught. The tranquil night now turned, for me, into an eerie, irrefutable, yet unexplainable dilemma. Chills rolled over my flesh. Without hesitation, I returned to the office, locked the door and sped away in a wink. When, for a fact, you hear something you cannot see, the illusion of its presence suggests you’re not alone. This sensation accompanied me throughout my drive home.


Though reluctant at first to speak of the incident for fear of mockery, my wife’s encouragement persuaded me to confer with our priest. While relating the incident to him, I was surprised and, somewhat comforted, by the elation of his facial expression as I spoke. With a virtuous smile and tear filled eyes, he stated, I had been blessed by a visit from the church’s Saint, explaining further, the Saint had a reputation of visiting churches named after him. His account of historical evidence confirming this as fact satisfied my anxiety. I chose not to question how sounds from footsteps and closing doors were possible from an invisible body in view of the fact; the mystery conforms to a dimension out of our realm. Perhaps, then, best we leave it at that.


Understandably, and as can be expected, an appreciable amount of time elapsed before I returned to the convenience of late-night work. With time, the ordeal of that night faded as normal activities resumed.


The Board’s duties to the church enjoyed a progressive pattern, which required more time on my part. Out of necessity, I found myself working late into the night. Contented with the solace of this arrangement, the effects of the paranormal incident I encountered well over a year ago, was now merely a personal perception.


While working late in church, in my usual manner, intent to my work, the sound of a closing door and approaching footsteps reoccurred. I was dumbfounded that the same phenomenon would be in my midst again, over a year later. 1 sat motionless, chilled to the bone, lacking the propensity to enter the sanctuary. There was no favor on my part to enter an area bolstering the presence of an apparition. As I hastily gathered my work to exit the premises, the footsteps resumed at a pace that surpassed my movements, ceasing at the echo of a closing door. As with my previous experience, my first reaction found me running to the front door of the church to look for outside activity. With but a few seconds that lapsed, it was absolutely impossible that any activity, human or vehicular would have occurred without my observing it. Though troublesome in its effect, I remained standing in front of the church pondering, taking the time to test the locked door and sauntered around the church property. The fear of the unknown lifted, as I now realized, if evidence of the occurrence surfaced, my assurance of experiencing a marvel would have ended. Professing relief, I drove home inspired and upright.


Though my mind remained unsettled as one who wished to share the inspiration with others, I dismissed the thought by reason my dedication to the church would be discredited. The skeptics are quick to spell-out, fantasy. In contrast, I know as fact, this phenomenon did occur and have no interest to convince anyone. Needless to say, my belief of active life after death was confirmed. These incidents are a prime example of the word that defines the revelation of the unknown, pschozoe. Clarification to support this doctrine will follow further on.



Born to immigrant parents, I was precluded from higher learning out of need to assist the family finances. I settled for a high honor High School diploma. My stint with military service added further education through extensive academic and physical training. Though lean towards education progress, my parents provided a standard of principled enrichment. Conforming to their design, knowledge becomes self-productive.


While yet in the stage of innocence, my wife to be and I entered into dating. True love is the prerequisite of an enduring marriage. Four years younger than I, she was born as I in July, she the 10th, I the 16th. We were united as husband and wife on the 26th, a union that has lasted 56 years.


God’s blessing continued with the gift of three children. Each, upright throughout their years, have preserved the statures of our inheritance with exemplary fashion.


Plain reasoning will disclose over a half century of life together, mounts ordeals one must contend with. Probably our most serious was my wife’s bout with cancer, which by the grace of God has survived.


With this book, I pray you will believe the miracle God presented to us, abide by it and conform to God’s word.

The Cross of Revelation

  • The Cross of Revelation

Price: $16.95




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