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Survivors of Snake Bites

by Eva Feeley ©2011, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-935232-42-1, 68 pp

Poetic reflections on the author’s actual experiences, the poems run the gamut from hilarious to heartbreaking and include subject matter as diverse as Howard Stern and conch salad.  Although this collection of poetry frequently explores the dark side of life, it is nonetheless filled with gratitude and hope.

Stay on the Path

Morikami Gardens 10

Goddess Moon 11

Gray and Green 12

God Sent an Angel 13


Sand is a Lousy Place to Bury Your Head

Daydreaming of Retirement 17

Here’s How to Do It 18

Mindlessness 19

Ode to Howard Stern 20

Give Me a Slinky Any Day. 22


Good Boys, Bad Boys, Sad Boys

Richard’s Hat 25

The Custard Stand 26

Buster’s Evening Walk 28

He Used to Be My Baby 29

To a Fallen Angel 30

Sonnet to My Father 32


Listen Carefully for the Telltale Hiss

Survivors of Snake Bites 35

Adelaide’s Window 36

Heartache. 38

All Grown Up Now 39

The Telephone 40


Diamonds on the Tide

Reinvent Yourself 43

Gray Matters 44

Want Not 45

Flight of Rebirth 46

Today’s Plenty 47


I Was a Young, Silent Pauper

Restored to Its Original Beauty 51

To Hillary or Gretchen 52

Oh, Life 54

The Lighthouse Keeper 56

The Final Obstacle 57

He Isn’t Yours. 58


Shall I Let This Season Lead Me Deeper Into the Desert?

September 61

Surrender to Winter 62

The Flirting of February 63

Lent 64

Ode to Conch Salad 66

March Snowstorm 68


About the Author 69

About the Artist 69

Morikami Gardens


Every sound is hushed here:

The drizzle tapping the low

wide leaves of exotic plants,

the conversations in languages

at home thousands of miles away

from South Florida,

the crunching of sneakered feet

on the circular pebbled path.


Our hearts are soothed

in this haven of beauty

as we breathe deeply the perfume

of the lush foliage,

as we linger by miniature waterfalls

pooling into meticulous rock gardens,

as we cross ornate bridges spanning

lakes teeming with brilliant coy fish.


Our souls are soothed

as we pass carved wooden signs

along our way

reminding us simply to


Survivors of Snake Bites is a wonderful collection of poems by Sea Isle City poet Eva Feeley.  Her thoughts and insights are carefully crafted in her poetry and a delight to read. I particularly enjoyed the poem she chose as the title of the book, the frustration she expresses in "To a Fallen Angel" and the great humor in "Ode to Howard Stern."  All are a pleasure to read and reread!
Pat Haughey


This lovely collection speaks to the heart; with moments of joy, warmth, family foible, fun, and fancy.  I loved the colors and the sounds of the sea that wash from many of the poems.  More than that, I found myself going back again and again to a phrase, a fragment that brought a new insight into a universal reality; a baby at play, the smile of a loved one, walking with a beloved dog.  She catches them all.  Thank you Eva, for your poetry and for your gift of being!

Paula Amar Schwartz


As lifelong poetry readers, my wife's and my approach to Survivors of Snake Bites was somewhat jaded by skepticism about the likely literary level of a local product, andwe were delighted by this book's splendidly vivid imagery, presented in a succession of twists and turns and surprises, with candor and humor and even some gently brave human pathos.  It's a keeper. 
Gerald and Patricia Haughey

Eva Feeley is a writer and teacher of poetry and memoir. She shares her passion for these genres through lectures, conference presentations, readings and workshops. She is the author of Listen to Me, Young Lady: A Guidebook through Womanhood. Eva and her husband reside on the beautiful barrier island of Sea Isle City, New Jersey. You can contact Eva at

Survivors of Snake Bites

  • Survivors of Snake Bites
  • Survivors of Snake Bites

Price: $15.95




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