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Without a Map
A Journey Through Grief

by Suzanne Antisdel ©2011, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-935232-34-6, 162 pp

Conveying a personal grief in poetry and journals, Without a Map covers a thirty-year love relationship  that ended suddenly with my beloved husband’s death.  I began to write poetry within days after I lost him, to keep sane. And many months later when I reread the poems, I could see how many pathways, blind alleys, dead ends I had trudged down, how terribly confused   I was.  When I did find my way out of the maze into the slow, slow process of recovery, I could see how vital my writing had been to that process.

Dearest Suzanne,


I felt the same about your book.  It touches on the genuine and usually unspoken feelings and emotions we face as widows.  I thought of it as the bible of grieving as it revealed answers to the most complicated and agonizing questions that revolve in the minds of grievers as they take on the slow and prolonged journey of throbbing pain.  The book is a master piece - poetically and artistically.   Every poem was a story and as I read through each line, I relived each grieving moment of my past with greater comfort knowing that I was not alone.   It's hard to distance ourselves from the painful memories of our loved ones and I don't think they truly ever die.  I  believe they remain among us only to enrich our lives with their bliss for as long as we reach out to them.


Thank you for your kind words.  Would you mind if  I send your review to my Amazon account?  Your words were so powerful and meaningful.


I will be in touch.


Fondly, Mary

Mary Assel

March 30, 2011


Thank you for sharing you beautiful book of poetry and reflections on you loss.  It has moved me to

tears and reaffirms how fortunate I am to still have Ron to share my life and my bed.




Joyce mason 3/14


Sue Joerges commented on her wall post.

Sue wrote: "I finished the book was like reading my life and feelings. I want to write down a few of the poems to read was like the words that are swirling in my head were in print."


from Kathleen


I just started reading about Art....... and you. Enjoying the book. It's well written and very emotional. Can only read a little at a time. Brings back memories. Mostly good ones but many sad ones. Especially liked the poem that ended, "Lucky us"



Suzanne,  I read it from cover to cover.  I had different experiences although many responses were the same (Stratford, disorientation, short-term memory).  I was 50 when I was left alone.  I knew I had to cope.  A year later I went to live in France for 12 months. That wasn't exactly "fun," but I made decisions and carried on.


I'd like to get a copy of the book to give to a friend of mine, Marian Green (daughter of Ollie and Lee).  Her husband of five years was killed last June when an out-of-control SUV plowed into a group of sailors just returning from a race on the Detroit River.  It was on the dock.  Mike was 45.


Marian has the "comfort" of a full time job, but sees a grief therapist once a week.  She comes here to eat once in a while, but I read passages in your book that made me squirm.  (When a friend "decides not to call".)  Young people can't always feel the grief or the need of their friends.  Nothing like experience. . .


Many, many thanks for the book.  I'll get in touch soon to come by to pick up another copy (with $ for this one).  I'm also curious about your new apartment.


your friend, Lorraine


Dear Ed,

I began immediately to read the book you sent to me although I imagined it would add to my sorrow of losing Len.  But no, it didn’t.  It made me feel understood.  I couldn’t stop reading.

Thank you for this lovely gift.



Dear Suzanne

Thank you so much for the gift of your book.  I feel honored to have had the opportunity to read it.  You expressed your deepest fears, anger, pain and love using your wonderful skills in writing poetry and prose.


I am sure Art knew how much you loved him and he will always be with you.





Dear Suzanne:  I've been on the road a lot since your superb little book came out - and only now have had the chance to read some your poems.  It is so poignant and funny and brave and wise.  I love it.  I have "MY" copy, thank you so very much, and I also will send the other one I bought to my dear friend whose husband died 5 years ago.  I'm so glad you wrote this - and so glad to know you a bit!!





Belated thanks for Without a Map. I am so taken with your honesty and spare but so impactful use of words.  What a gift you have given us not only of your writing but by inviting us to be a part of your life and be on the journey with you.


…your prose is poetry….


Suzanne Antisdel ‚Äď musician, writer, editor, activist, poet, organizational consultant, teacher, community social worker and lover of words ‚Äď tries never to be pigeonholed. ¬†This leads to all kinds of surprises. ¬†She lives in ¬†Detroit with her dog Keller, and looks down from her fifth floor onto the city‚Äôs beautiful Midtown.

Without a Map

  • Without a Map

Price: $18.95




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