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Adventure to Autism Planet

by Isabelle K. Mosca; Illustrations by Kyle J. Mosca ©2011, Hard Cover, ISBN: 978-1-935232-36-0, 32 pp

Kyle and Isabelle are twins, but their world has two points of view.

One of them is “normal,” but which one?

The author takes us on a journey into the world of Autism Planet and beyond.

Count on the trip being inspirational and magical!



Kyle was diagnosed with autism at age two, a disorder that affects the way children learn to speak or make friends, and often causes them to obsess on certain things.


Isabelle especially did not like the way Kyle hogged the television remote and HAD to rewind everything he watched.


"Nnnnoooo! Kyle is frustrated!" he yelled, pulling on his own curly red hair, stomping his feet, then running from the room, sobbing.“You always feed them too much! No!”“No, Kyle!” Isabelle snapped, barely yanking back the food out of his grasp.

“Mine!” he whined, grabbing the container.

Isabelle stared dreamily into her aquarium at Zac and Vanessa, her new goldfish.  They seemed to be yawning along with her as night shadows fell outside.


She reached up for the fish food on her bedroom shelf, and quickly met hands with her eight-year-old twin brother Kyle.


Once, he lined up all of her toys in a path all the way down the stairs and out the door! Kyle insisted that things in his room be arranged a certain way, and if they were not, he would freak out!


Not all boys were like this, Isabelle thought. Some of the other kids she met at the autism support group meetings had brothers and sisters with autism, but she felt funny talking to them about it.

Isabelle is a lover of anything High School Musical-related, as you might have noticed by the names of her goldfish. She also has a cat named Starsky. These days, she is a big Justin Bieber fan. It is her dream to appear on “The Today Show” and “The Ellen De Generes Show.” Isabelle’s idol is Temple Grandin, PhD., whose biography was the subject of an HBO Emmy award-winning movie.


Isabelle has read her book in her school on “Blow Bubbles 4 Autism” Day each year in April (which is Autism Awareness Month) over the last few years, and each time the kids are so moved by her story that she receives many letters of praise. You can write Isabelle a letter, too. She keeps a special journal full of the letters in her room.


Kyle draws dozens of pictures each day, mostly portraits of his favorite TV and movie characters. He prefers crayons, markers, and sidewalk chalk. Kyle collects VHS and DVDs of his favorite films and draws many movie production company logos. His work has been on display at local art shows, and he is thrilled to see his drawings in this book! Kyle loves Spongebob, dancing, baseball, basketball, singing in choir, summer camp, youtube, and going to plays – especially musicals. Kyle would love to see your pictures and stories.


You can email either of the twins, or ask more about “Blow Bubbles 4 Autism” Day at:

Adventure to Autism Planet

  • Adventure to Autism Planet
  • Adventure to Autism Planet

Price: $15.00

Kyle & Isabelle Mosca


A portion of the proceeds for this book benefits FACES Autism Support Network.




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