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The New Bear on the Block

by Staci Schwartz ©2006, Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-9766889-2-1, 30 pp

The New Bear on the Block is about the adventures of a tiny grizzly bear who moves to a small town in the woods. Through a series of silly mishaps that occur as a result of his poor vision when his glasses are accidentally broken, his new neighbors decide to ostracize him for his perceived rude behavior. A wise turtle (the town optician), who meets the bear and finds him to be a delightful new friend, must correct the false perceptions of his fellow neighbors. In doing so, he educates them about avoiding impulsive judgment of others based on erroneous first impressions and incomplete facts.

"A fun read for kids and parents alike!" --

"This book is a wonderful reader for children and primary students to enjoy and learn from -- as individuals or in a classroom setting. The story also presents a strong message of acceptance of others, the problems with making premature judgments about people, and an appreciation of diversity -- which are major goals of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education toward meeting the legislative mandate."
Dr. Paul B. Winkler, Executive Director
NJ Commission on Holocaust Education

"The New Bear on the Block is a book that all classrooms should actually have and be a part of the opening days of school ... it really sensitizes children to the feel and needs of being accepted into a new community, a new classroom."
Gail Daniels, Principle, Rhodes Elementary School, Philadelphia

"There are really deep themes here...that schools are trying to address in their classrooms -- the ideas of fairness...of welcoming new students...of not jumping to conclusions...of really getting to know people."
Ilene Appel Marker, Director, Drexel University Philadelphia School Partnership

Recommended Reading Lists
The New Bear on the Block has been placed on recommended reading lists for: 
-- Primary grades of the State of New Jersey Public Schoos (endorsed by the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education). 
-- School District of Philadelphia.
-- Children's selections for Jewish Book World and The Jewish Book Network (divisions of the Jewish Book Council, New York).

Staci J. Schwartz is a physician and author of seven children's stories.

She delights in creating characters whose actions and adventures stimulate young children to discuss some of life's important issues. Staci lives with her husband and daughter in Philadelphia, PA.

The New Bear on the Block

  • The New Bear on the Block
  • The New Bear on the Block

Price: $12.95

Staci J. Schwartz

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