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Once the Acacias Bloomed
Memories of a Childhood Lost

by Fred Spiegel ©2004, , ISBN: 978-0-9674074-6-3, 154 pp

Fred Spiegel was born in Dinslaken Germany, in 1932, After Kristallnacht he was sent to live with relatives in Holland, When the Germans invaded Holland, Fred was sent to three concentration camps: Vught, Westerbork, and Bergen-Belsen. On April 13, 1945, he was liberated by the Americans near the River Elbe. After the war, Fred was reunited with his mother and sister. Since then he has lived in England, Israel, Chile and the United States. Retired, Fred now lectures at schools and colleges about his experiences as a child during the Holocaust.

Once the Acacias Bloomed

  • Once the Acacias Bloomed
  • Once the Acacias Bloomed

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