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Once A Flower, Always A Flower

by Terry Goldstein Herskovits ©2012, Paperback, ISBN: , 134 pp

Hidden during the Holocaust, jailed during the Soviet occupation

of Hungary, Terry Goldstein Herskovits’s story is an epic one, spanning

not only the gruesome Nazi years, but also the cruel years of Stalin’s

rule over Hungary.


Toba (Terry), the seventh of twelve children, born in Kivjazd,

Czechoslovakia, migrated to Budapest, Hungary, when her sister’s tales

of its splendor beckoned to her. When the Nazis occupied Budapest

in 1944, they brought to an end Terry’s sweet and exciting teenage

years. Little in Terry’s life during the next ten years was sweet. On the

heels of the Nazis came the Communists and their highly restrictive

regime, during which time Terry was separated from her children and

imprisoned for three years.


Terry’s memoir, Once a Flower, Always a Flower, recounts her life

and her horrendous experiences in Eastern Europe. But readers also

learn about her wonderful life in the United States where, she, as loving

and protective Mamele, has nurtured children, grandchildren, and



Terry’s courage, determination, and endurance through almost

insurmountable difficulties and hardships will remind readers of all

ages about what is important in life—family and freedom.

Once A Flower, Always A Flower

  • Once A Flower, Always A Flower
  • Once A Flower, Always A Flower

Price: $19.95




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